The Balancing Act

Posted by Valerie Vincente on

I think we've all been here, especially as an entrepreneur, the moment where we have to "start over

Maybe the original blueprint became outdated or in my case some extra pieces got thrown into the puzzle

Well, as a first time mom that's where I am, re-evaulating... refreshing and just plain figuring some sh*t out 

My whole flow has been altered by one tiny human because let's be honest leaky boobs and strapless dresses just don't vibe 

Oh, then there was the time when my daughter was 3 weeks old and orders needed to be dropped at the post office which happened to be the same day she decided that I must hold her all day & if she wasn't held she would H O L L E R [[now imagine juggling boxes and a baby]]

As scary and stressful as it may sound it's all been pretty rejuvenating, the irony right?

So here we are & I've decided to share my thoughts about finding the balance  

"PETALS" bikini by No Shade Inc -